SAMCO aka Street Art Map Chilled Out

pictures, artists listed, locations displayed (festivals, galleries, associations, spot...)
- 2010: we opened our eyes to this beautiful artistic current, Street Art, or Urban Art, or Graffiti, well art done into the street, illegally, most of the time, and legally.
- 2011: we decided to share the pictures we took, and the most convenient way we thought was to display it on a map, and here was born SAMCO V1 !
- 2013: some modifications had been done, aestetichally mostly, here was SAMCO V2.
- 2020: 3 years of pictures slept on hard drive, features in mind for a long time.... and a lockdown led to a complete re build of our way to add picture here, also new features, and finally 7500+ pictures added, artists, festivals, galleries... listed !

Features implemented now

- Menu: Link to Home, Locations or Artists page. Also, you have the search bar to Artist or Locations. Finally Filters !
- Pictures (home): you can use filters to select wether you want to see Mural, Street Art or Graffiti, or which date to see. You have a share button to copy link to your choice.
- Locations: here is displayed locations aka Festivals, Galleries, Associations, Spots and Events. You can filters by those categories.
- Artists: you have all Artists we found, you can filters by alphabetical order, number of pictures, or choose nationality. The "+" button load more artists.


The categorization of Mural, Street Art and Graffiti is on our own appreciation, it does not reflect everyone's thought on that topic, we might have classified wrongly some of them.
Nearly 98% of pictures have been took by us, if you are an Artist, a Festival, a Gallery or an Event organizer and want to be displayed here, please feel free to contact us !
We are just diplaying pictures we took in the street, we do not endorse degradations or motivate them.